This research has done in about the middle year of 2007 to students of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Public speaking such as Pemilihan Dai Cilik Show on a private television station is an interesting phenomena. Such public speaking is very impressive for study language skills. Study public speaking or speech develop in many language classes in this university.
In this research, when the students have in their classroom, they study theory of speech given by their lecturer such as study how to make voice without mistake, how to control audience with eyes, choose good theme relevant to audience, using pronounce for audience and evaluation of speech.
Then student has asked to choose theme which is interest them and relatively interest to the audience later. The theme could be inspired by the picture downloaded from the internet or otherwise the student search picture relevant to theme they are choose. Searching for picture taken for a week. The picture choosen by student such as disaster (flood, volcanic mountain), technology, global warming, sciences, and childhood stories. In this research, teacher has found students got picture not only in internet. Some of the students paint their own picture on the board, and some of the students shows pictures drawn on paper. In this position researcher can say that picture from internet is not an absolute way to help students to guide the speech.
After got picture, students took their speech about theme relevant to the picture. During doing speech, using letter containing speech text was not necessary. Students could prepare their text speech, but they could not use it during speech in class.
Speech or public speaking with picture helps students to become more active developing theme they are choosing. Without text, student develop their speech more active. Most of the student’s speech are interesting. Some of the student showing remarkable performance. With 60 students in class, this speech activity taken about three meeting (3 credits). Students evaluated by their (1) intonation, (2) eyes movement, (3) theme selection relevant to audience, (4) using pronounces for audience, and (5) language ability. This research shows that most of the students can perform speech quite good although still there are some students have difficulties in speech, such as could not finnish their speech and another language mistakes. Through this study of speech with picture from internet, hopefully students will be able to teach speech to their students.

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